The story

George Evans founded Instaramp to spread and make skateboarding a part of today's events. The unique design has been tailored and optimized to deliver the best event experience, as well as the best set-up / packing process.


George, an avid skateboarder who has always aspired to make skateboarding a career.  It was George’s passion for skateboarding (as with most skateboarders) that made him look at everyday objects, construction materials, and events in a different light.


In 2012, George saw the opportunity to create a fully functional, mobile half-pipe ramp that could be quickly set up and broken down for a fraction of the time, materials, and labor investment of building more fixed ramp structures.


Since the company’s inception

Instaramp has grown to provide a diverse mix of event activation services from full service (pre, live, and post production) to event consulting and media services. Simply put, the Instaramp creates a viral frenzy and leaves a premium impression with your intended audience that ultimately drives reach and inspires action.

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